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Cocktail Party – 24th March

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

The next open evening at my studio is on Thursday 24th March 2011.

Locomotion, Vienna. October 2003.

Locomotion, Vienna. October 2003.

I’ll be ready to welcome everyone from about 6pm. The work on show will be Street Photography from the last decade, taken as I travelled around Europe.

Kapitulska, Bratislava. November 2003.

Kapitulska, Bratislava. November 2003.

Have a look at the street photography gallery on my website to get a feeling for what will be on the walls.

Caracal, Romania. February 2005.

Caracal, Romania. February 2005.

If you haven’t been to the studio before, please do come! Getting here couldn’t be easier. From Kennington:


Walking route from Kennington station (click the image for a printable version)

or from Elephant & Castle:


Walking route from Elephant & Castle station (click on image for a printable version)

or you can get directions from Google.

It promises be a diverting evening, so I hope you can make it. Please RSVP by clicking an option below:

  • Yes – I can come.
  • No – sorry, busy that night.

Playing with a CL

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Alan just asked me to run a test film through a camera Liam had given him to look at.

leica cl

The little Leica rangefinder

I’ve never used a Leica CL before, or touched one come to that. I’m sure you can find out all you need to know about it through the application of a little Google, but from what I see it’s a smaller 35mm rangefinder than the Leica M series which is my usual axe, but takes the same lenses. And has an internal light meter, which no M had at the time this was made in the mid-70s.

Since I rarely use anything other than my trusty M6 or M7 other cameras always feel a bit weird, but I’ve just shot the test roll and I kind of like this little gadget. It feels good, if a little small. The rangefinder on this one is a little off and I’m not sure about the accuracy of the meter, but the shutter feels lovely. It has the old single-throw film winding crank though, which is a pain.

No interest at London Photo Fair

Monday, February 21st, 2011

We live and learn.

What I learned last week was that the collectors of photography are a very diverse bunch. The London Photo Fair, it turned out, was focused almost entirely on 19th century vintage photography, and if you’re a dealer of such work it’s an event you must attend – with several dealers coming from continental Europe and the U.S..

However, if you are trying to sell contemporary photography, or even 20th century work, you won’t get much interest. I learned yesterday, as I gather several other photographers and dealers have at previous events, that people who are very happy to pay good prices for 19th century prints won’t even look at modern work.

stall at London Photo Fair

The PHC Photo corporate stall at London Photo Fair, complete with rare visitor spending a fleeting second regarding the prints

I had a table at the end of a long line of vintage print dealers and often there would be a solid line of people checking out the works on offer, moving slowly down the line, until they got to my table – at which point they’d simply walk past. It was as if I was trying to sell flower arrangements at the Motor Show.

This wasn’t a case of not having interesting work, or not displaying it well, or simply being crap. People were just not looking at it. At no point was there even the slightest chance that anything would sell.

So, there you go. A lot of effort in planning and presentation, not to mention the exhibition fee for attending the event, with not a thing to show for it. Live and learn.

Packing for the Fair

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

So I’ve taken all the prints that I usually have hanging in frames on the walls of my studio out of the frames and into plastic sleeves. I’ve made sure everything is editioned correctly. I’ve planned how I will use my 9 foot by 2 foot table, and how I’ll stand the framed items up. I’ve packed everything – well, almost everything – into bags so I can get on the bus tomorrow morning and go to the Fair. The London Photo Fair at the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury.

Now all I need is for everyone who reads this to come along and buy a print. All of you now!

Charity Auction for the Photographers’ Gallery

Friday, February 18th, 2011

I wandered down to Christie’s in Kensington last night for a one-off charity event in aid of The Photographers’ Gallery, or more specifically in aid of it’s new building. Apparently they need to spend £8.7m on it and, incredibly, they’ve already raised £8m, so this is just the last little bit.

Leaving aside what you, or I, might think of the place and it’s curatorial policy, I think it’s encouraging that Christie’s was so packed last night and that good prices were being achieved. I’m constantly surprised by how much some pictures go for – but then, as someone pointed out to me last night, I’m a photographer and therefore the last person to know about the value of photographs!

In some conversations about money and prices I felt something of an imbecile, being able to say little more than whether I like a picture not. “But it’s an edition of only 7!” The consensus was that I should stick to taking pictures and leave the money-talk to the grown-ups. Fine by me so long as I end up getting some.

Anyway, an interesting night. And thanks, Christie’s, for all the champagne.