Charity Auction for the Photographers’ Gallery

February 18th, 2011

I wandered down to Christie’s in Kensington last night for a one-off charity event in aid of The Photographers’ Gallery, or more specifically in aid of it’s new building. Apparently they need to spend £8.7m on it and, incredibly, they’ve already raised £8m, so this is just the last little bit.

Leaving aside what you, or I, might think of the place and it’s curatorial policy, I think it’s encouraging that Christie’s was so packed last night and that good prices were being achieved. I’m constantly surprised by how much some pictures go for – but then, as someone pointed out to me last night, I’m a photographer and therefore the last person to know about the value of photographs!

In some conversations about money and prices I felt something of an imbecile, being able to say little more than whether I like a picture not. “But it’s an edition of only 7!” The consensus was that I should stick to taking pictures and leave the money-talk to the grown-ups. Fine by me so long as I end up getting some.

Anyway, an interesting night. And thanks, Christie’s, for all the champagne.

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Tags: auctions, london