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The things you see when you don’t have a camera

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

It’s always the same. I’m out on some errand – in this case getting another piece of official paper from the Spanish state, without which I didn’t really exist (not really) – and I’m presented with such a smorgasbord of photographic opportunities that I could fill a book. If only I had a camera. Which I didn’t.

It was Benidorm this morning – old folks, sent by the state to fill up the gazillions of empty wintertime hotel rooms in “Spain’s Las Vegas”, were out and about in all their wondrous variety. And the bloody light was perfect. And my camera was sitting on a shelf at home.

It’s all because I’ve been getting a little strung-out recently about this residency paperwork. My mind was a long way from taking pictures. A good sign, though, that the first thing that came to mind once the paperwork had been sorted was “why haven’t I got a camera with me?” Maybe I’ll go back tomorrow, or at least soon.