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The Constant Eye, Vol.2: Theresienstadt

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011
The Constant Eye, Vol.2: Theresienstadt

The Constant Eye, Vol.2: Theresienstadt

The second volume of The Constant Eye is now available from Blurb. You can preview the book and buy it here.

I visited the Czech town of Terezín in November 2003 without really knowing what to expect. I found an old Hapsburg fortified town that had been used by the Nazis as a transit camp for Jewish families from all over Europe, where intense overcrowding, malnourishment, disease and brutality had claimed tens of thousands of lives. Attached to the main town is a smaller fortress used as a Gestapo prison where thousands were tortured to death.

The visit made a profound impact on me, and began my Prisons of Conscience project.

Please have a look at the book, but for another way to see the pictures you can watch the slideshow movie below, or you can visit the gallery here.

Softcover version of The Constant Eye now available

Monday, February 9th, 2009

There is now a much cheaper version of the The Constant Eye available on the Blurb site here.
I don’t need to go on about Blurb’s bizarre interpretation of currency exchange rates any more, but rest assured this new version of the book is much more cost effective.
Have a look!

Blurb exchange rates

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

I made the mistake of listing my book The Constant Eye to be sold in GBP, just because it would be easier for my payments. However, Blurb seem to be using an exchange rate set about a year ago, with the result that the USD price is over $100 – which is daft.
I’m trying to get this sorted out, but Blurb inform me that it’s going to take a month to address the issue. I can only apologise for this, and suggest that you wait until March if you want to buy the book in US Dollars. Or, buy it in GB Pounds!

The Constant Eye, Vol.1 – Now Available

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Yes, the great day has come. A smiling UPS man arrived this morning and dropped off the first copy of The Constant Eye, Vol.1 hot off the press from Blurb.
After all the waiting I have to say I’m pleased with it! If you want to get your hands on one right away go straight to the Blurb site and sign up. I have to say they don’t seem to have updated their exchange rates recently…
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the book, and don’t forget to comment on the pictures on the book’s website.

The new book

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

This is getting frustrating! I ordered the proof version of my book The Constant Eye, Vol.1 from Blurb way back before Christmas – 11th December to be exact. It was shipped on 22nd December and since then – nothing.
I did chose the cheapest shipping option, which was incredibly cheap, and was untrackable, but even so. It was supposed to be here within 15 working days, latest. It isn’t.
To Blurb’s credit, once I emailed them and explained the problem they ordered me a new one at no cost and placed it on priority delivery, but it’ll still be 2 weeks before I see it, and before I can approve the book to be sold to anyone else. Somewhat annoying.