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Monthly Exhibition – February 2012

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

This year I’m going to try and put a short slideshow, about one or two minutes long, on my blog once a month. The idea is it’ll be like a regularly changing exhibition.

Each month there’ll be a different subject and I hope it’ll encourage me to go through my archive and fish out some pictures that have languished for too long in the dark caverns of my studio.

If you can’t see the movie below click here to see a wmv version

The first such spectacular uses pictures from my Bous al Carrer project. I hope you enjoy it.

Bruce Davidson

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Visited the opening of the wonderful Bruce Davidson show at Chris Beetles Gallery last night.



There’s not much to say about Bruce’s work that hasn’t already been said, but as ever it is a great pleasure to see real prints of such great work, and respect is due to Giles for putting on a fine show.

Davidson’s mixture of humility and perseverance, and his genuine affection for people, glow out of every picture here. No exhibition can ever encompass in full the long term projects Bruce engaged in – the two years of East 100th Street for instance – but selection is always the curators greatest skill, and the essence of his work is captured well here.


Bruce Davidson: MAN AND WOMAN REFLECTED IN CAR WINDOW, LONDON, 1960 (©Bruce Davidson/Magnum)

It was another of those times when I wished my bank balance could absorb the price of a print. I reckon, for what it’s worth, that these prints are great value for money. I can’t see Bruce’s work doing anything but increase in value as the years pass.

Poznan pictures now on the website

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

So, as those of you who follow my Twitter feed will know, I was in Poznan last month as a guest of the city council to take pictures of their fine city. I was one of four photographers: Francesco Giusti from Italy, Thierry Lewenberg-Sturm from France and Ben Mergelsberg from Germany. The brief was actually fabulous. Their point of view was that, since they’d chosen us for our work, they trusted us to take whatever pictures we wished.

Stary Rynek, Poznan, Poland. July 2010.

Stary Rynek, Poznan, Poland. July 2010.

The city have now chosen the pictures they want to use for the ‘Poznan: Eastern Energy, Western Style‘ exhibition to take place simultaneously in London, Paris, Berlin and Milan and so I can make the other pictures available here on my website. There’s also a FaceBook page about the project.

Stary Rynek, Poznan, Poland. July 2010.

Stary Rynek, Poznan, Poland. July 2010.

As always, I hope you enjoy having a look at the pics and look forward to hearing what you think of them. Click the little slideshow icon and sit back!

Exalted Company

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
Robin Bell's Silver Footprint

Robin's book

When I picked up Robin’s book at the London opening of his show last week I was chuffed to see he’d elected to put my picture on a spread opposite a Bill Brandt. What a complement!

Robin Bell's Silver Footprint

Bill and me

I don’t know if it’s fate taunting me after I mentioned Brandt in this blog last month, but now I come to think about it, it’s a little intimidating. Quite a lot to measure up to! Still, all in all I’m thrilled.

For anyone who hasn’t been following the story: Robin is the man I have been using for my printing recently. He’s probably the most respected printer in London and, to mark his 35 years in the darkroom, he selected some favorite pictures to go in an exhibition. I was very flattered to be asked to contribute, especially considering the exalted company I would be amongst. The book is effectively the catalogue of that show.

The book is available from the gallery.

Robin’s ‘Silver Footprint’ show moves to London

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Robin Bell’s Silver Footprint show is moving to the Richard Young Gallery in Kensington, London – and it includes the picture of mine that Robin chose:

Kapitulska, Bratislava. November 2003.

Kapitulska, Bratislava. November 2003.

I’m looking forward to the opening, and seeing the book which the exhibition has spawned. Drop by if you’re in London, the show is on from 5th to 28th November at the Richard Young Gallery.

Galeria Paz y Comedias

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Had a good meeting with Teresa and Laureano at Galeria Paz y Comedias in Valencia on Thursday.

First of all, this is a beautiful gallery. In these days, when galleries try to make themselves resemble a white cube as much as possible, it’s refreshing to find a gallery that allows the beauty of the building to come through. It’s located on the second floor of a stunning Valencian art nouveau apartment building which has the trademark mosaic tile floors intact.

Galeria Paz y Comedias is a unique space

This must be troublesome on occasion when it comes to selecting work that won’t fight with the decor, but works brilliantly for most shows.

Teresa Legarre, gallery owner and curator, was also a breath of fresh air. She was appalled by my Spanish, of course, but very helpful, knowledgeable, and frank. I can only sympathise with her when it comes to navigating her way around modern photography, with it’s huge digital prints using size and colour to overcome deficiencies in structure and composition.

We left with a good feeling that the gallery understood what I was doing, which is rare enough, and that we should be able to work together at some point in the future.

Robin Bell’s Silver Footprint

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Visited Battle in the south of England, near Hastings, for Robin Bell‘s birthday party on Saturday. I’m sure you know that Battle is actually where the Battle of Hastings was fought. What are the chances of that happening?

Great to see Robin and Lucy in such good spirits, a great day was had by all. Robin was using the occasion of his 60th birthday to hold an exhibition in the Independent Photographer’s Gallery bringing together some of his favourite pictures from 35 years in the darkroom. It was an honour for me to have one of my pictures selected for the show.

Kapitulská, Bratislava, Slovakia. November 2003.
Kapitulská, Bratislava, Slovakia. November 2003.

Among many new people we met at the party was documentary photographer Colin Summers who has a picture from Banda Aceh in the show, shot in the aftermath of the tsunami. I can’t help but admire the emotional strength of people who take this kind of picture, I’m not sure I could do it. Colin’s a great bloke and deserves to succeed in his chosen field.

The conversation among the photography professionals at the event centred around the inevitable subject: nobody’s selling pictures. It’s a tough time in the photography industry, but it was great to have other people to talk to about what’s happening.

The show itself is really great. I always enjoy shows that aren’t built around a single visual theme, which I find grow tiresome by the time I’ve seen a couple of dozen pictures. The theme here is simply Robin’s taste, and an eclectic taste it is. From hardcore photojournalism (Don McCullin, Tom Stoddart, Colin Summers, Lee Miller) through to high class celebrity portraiture (Terry O’Neill, Bob Carlos Clarke, Terence Donovan), and much in between, Robin has simply chosen pictures he likes. All – of course – beautifully printed.

Go to see the show if you possibly can.

Exhibition print

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Robin Bell has made a lovely 24×2 print of a popular picture of mine (this one):


with the idea that I can get it framed and take it around to a few galleries here, to show them what they’ll have to sell if they give me a show.

The first obstacle, though, was getting the print onto Easyjet. I don’t like rolling fibre prints up, especially after Robin had gone through the process of making it nice and flat, so I was carrying it in a big cardboard envelope. I couldn’t check the thing in – not without wrapping it up much more to prevent bending and possible rain – but wasn’t looking forward to check-in.

Let’s face it, the low-cost airlines are great, and I simply couldn’t travel as much as I do without them, but they can sometimes be very fussy about what you carry on to the aeroplane. However – on this occasion Easyjet raised no objections, the envelope just fitted into the overhead locker, and everything worked out.

Now I have to find a decent framer who won’t charge me the earth, and go forth into the world to sell my wares.

A Great Honour

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Things have been a little depressing around here recently, what with the damage some very clever people have done to the world economy and the knock-on effect of nobody buying pictures, so it was great to have a little boost this morning. The invite arrived to Robin Bell’s anniversary show.

It give me quite a lift to see the list of the exhibitors, selected by Robin. Names such as, Eve Arnold, Bill Brandt, Bob Carlos Clarke, Terence Donovan, Ernst Haas, Lee Miller, Don McCullin, Terry O’Neill, Norman Parkinson… and me! What an honour.

I’ve been trying to find a link to the show somewhere, but since it doesn’t start until May I guess it’s not up yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Would YOU help me select pictures for an exhibition?

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

So, as an experiment, if you’d like to help me select pictures for a portfolio to go forward for an exhibition, I’d be interested in hearing alternative opinions. Would you like to participate? If so please leave a comment here, or email me, and I’ll tell you how to do it.