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Open Studios, Winter 2011

Monday, November 28th, 2011
Pullens Open Studios, Winter 2011

Pullens Open Studios, Winter 2011

My studio is located in an old Victorian artisan’s workshop in Iliffe Yard, South London. The yard was built by a Victorian builder and developer called Pullen as a kind of live/work unit, though sadly the doorway through to the adjoining flat has long since been sealed off.

Iliffe Yard is one of three yards, the others being Peacock and Clements, collectively known as the Pullens yards.

All the yards are now occupied by artists, artisans, media professionals and architects, and twice a year we throw open the doors and encourage people to come in and have a look at what we do. Members of the public can have a chat and also buy examples of our work direct from the studio.

We’re open from 6pm to 9pm on Friday 2nd December, and 11am to 6pm on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th. I hope you’ll drop by unit 1a Iliffe Yard at some point and say hello.

Your Party Invite

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Studio Party

“In the time that is left to us between the crisis and the catastrophe,” Mme. Bollinger is rumored to have said, “we may as well drink a bottle of champagne.”

It’s been a while so, while Rome burns, why not come and join me in a Negroni at my studio. Bring friends.

From 6pm on Friday 2nd December at 1a Iliffe Yard, Amelia Street, London SE17 3QA. Feel free to bring a bottle of Bollinger.


Friday, August 19th, 2011

Luiza dropped by the studio the other day for a quick shoot. Quite pleased with this one:



Open Studios: 1, 2 & 3 July

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

As part of the Pullens community of artists I’m opening my studio all day from 11am to 6pm on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July, with the preview on Friday 1st from 6pm to 9pm.

Pullens Open Studios, Summer 2011

Pullens Open Studios, Summer 2011

There will be lots of things to see – I hope you can come along to see what’s happening and enjoy a lovely social day.

Click here for walking directions to my studio.

I’ve got the power!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

I love clichéd headlines.

Time for celebrations though, round here at my photo den – after six months of waiting I have my own electricity meter! I have my own, reliable power supply. I know it’s probably not as exciting for anyone else as it is for me, but I felt I must share my happiness…

The Ballad of BT Broadband

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Time for me to add my sorry tale to those of all the other unfortunate customers whose lives BT has made more complicated though inefficiency and simple disregard.

I say ‘customers’ but in truth that title would indicate some form of choice, for instance I could choose either PG Tips or Typhoo tea-bags. In the matter of getting a phone line into my studio I don’t have a choice. It’s BT or go without. Since it’s pretty difficult these days to run a business without a good internet connection, and for that I need a phone line, and I can only get a phone line from BT, I have no choice. I have to go to BT.

Back in September, when I took on my studio, I called BT to get all this arranged. The woman in the sales department was very helpful, explained all the options to me, and was very sorry that, due to heavy demand, it was going to be six weeks before I could have a visit from an engineer and get connected. I’d have to wait until November 3rd. At the end of our conversation I was a little aggrieved it was going to take so long, but I resolved to stick it out and be patient. I didn’t have a choice.

So today is November 3rd. Oh happy day! By tonight I’ll have broadband! Just to double check the time the engineer was due to visit I went online using the order number I wrote down six weeks ago. The website told me the order had been cancelled. What? I called BT. Yes, I was politely informed after a long wait, the order had been cancelled. Why? There was no information about that. Why hadn’t anyone told me? There was no information about that either.

The lady from BT could see that I was due a visit from an engineer on November 3rd (“Oh, that’s today isn’t it?”) but that wasn’t going to happen. So I wasn’t going to get online by tonight? No, she said. So what do we do now?

After puzzling for a few minutes and asking a few strange questions (“Was it a man or a woman who took your order?”) she realised the line was for my place of work, and that I therefore needed BT Business Broadband. I thought that was who I was talking to? No, I was talking to BT Broadband. I had to call a different number for BT Business Broadband.

I called the new number, waited, gave the order number, waited… Again, I was politely told the order had been cancelled. Why? Not sure, but it seemed the order had been placed by BT Broadband and not BT Business Broadband… that might be the reason. What hadn’t anyone told me? No information. So how do I get online? Well… you’ll have to raise an order. And what happens if somebody cancels it without telling me? Silence.

Well, I don’t have a choice, so let’s place an order. I’ll have to call another number to do that. Okay… but is there anyway I can get this thing done quickly? Well, she could just transfer me to the sales team, then I wouldn’t have to call the other number, might speed things up. I let out a silent scream – okay… thank you… please transfer me. She puts me on hold.

She comes back. The sales team’s systems have gone down and they can’t do anything, but she’s taken my number and Stephanie will call me back when she can.

There’s nothing I can do. I don’t have a choice. I’ll wait for Stephanie’s call.

I have a feeling this is the beginning of a long story.

Studio Party

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Thanks everyone who came to the studio party last week. I had fully intended to make sure some pictures of the great event were taken but, swept away as I was by the thousands of guests (and by a little bit of red wine) that I completely forgot.

So you’ll just have to imagine the teeming hordes of people swarming through the studio…

Anyway, I enjoyed myself, met some great people and generally ended the evening in a fine mood. Roll on the Open Studios!

Here we go again

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

So, I’ve got a studio full of junk.

Boxes in studio

Yet again I have to unpack everything, find somewhere to put it all, realise that most of it is crap that I needn’t have bothered transporting all the way from Spain…

Ah well, in a week or so I should be sorted.

New studio update

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

After what seems like an age, the studio at Iliffe Street is finally ready for me to move in, so I’ve booked a van for tomorrow and I’m boxing up my clobber once again.

Studio at Iliffe Yard

As you can see, the floor’s been done, the painting’s been finished off and the place is unlikely to look this tidy again for a while. Until I leave, probably.

Studio at Iliffe Yard

To be honest I’m not looking forward to shifting all my stuff again, but there are going to be some things delivered direct from Spain that I haven’t seen in a while so there’s the pleasure of rediscovering old junk to look forward to.

I’ll post a picture once everything’s in place.

New Studio Location

Monday, September 13th, 2010

I realise, of course, you’re probably gagging to know where the studio is. It’s here:

View Paul Hardy Carter, Photographer in a larger map

We’re near Kennington tube station, which is on the Northern Line, and Elephant & Castle tube, which has the Bakerloo line too. There are several busses that run down Walworth Road and Kennington Park Road, and there is free parking in Iliffe Yard. So no excuses for you not to come and say hello!