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Anders Petersen video interview

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

The Photographers’ Gallery have posted an interview with Anders talking about his current project in Soho, and about his work in general.

I’m becoming more and more interested and impressed by this guy.

Anders Petersen

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

The London photo scene had another pleasant surprise in store for me last night, in the form of the great Swedish photographer of the demi-monde Anders Petersen. The Photographers’ Gallery used the occasion of his residency in Soho to have him give a talk about his photographic life at the Bloomberg SPACEBloomberg are the sponsors of the residency.

Saint Etienne 2005 (© Anders Petersen)

'Two very kind men who live together with a dog' Saint Etienne 2005 (© Anders Petersen)

I was almost completely unfamiliar with his work before yesterday, but what he showed us – in less than perfect conditions – not only left me wanting to know more but jarred me into life. This is a man who can truly engage with people, indeed for whom people are the very fabric of his work.

Paris 2006 (© Anders Petersen)

'Two twin sisters. They wanted to know 'Who are you?'' Paris 2006 (© Anders Petersen)

Anders was extremely frank about his technique, his method of working (“I meet someone in a bar, we have a drink, one thing leads to another…”). It was a privilege to hear him.

My quote of the night: “It’s not about bad or good pictures, it’s about believable pictures. Some of the greatest pictures have been bad pictures.”