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Exhibition print

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Robin Bell has made a lovely 24×2 print of a popular picture of mine (this one):


with the idea that I can get it framed and take it around to a few galleries here, to show them what they’ll have to sell if they give me a show.

The first obstacle, though, was getting the print onto Easyjet. I don’t like rolling fibre prints up, especially after Robin had gone through the process of making it nice and flat, so I was carrying it in a big cardboard envelope. I couldn’t check the thing in – not without wrapping it up much more to prevent bending and possible rain – but wasn’t looking forward to check-in.

Let’s face it, the low-cost airlines are great, and I simply couldn’t travel as much as I do without them, but they can sometimes be very fussy about what you carry on to the aeroplane. However – on this occasion Easyjet raised no objections, the envelope just fitted into the overhead locker, and everything worked out.

Now I have to find a decent framer who won’t charge me the earth, and go forth into the world to sell my wares.


Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Realise I’ve been somewhat remiss with the blog recently. Partly because I’ve been away for a week in Blighty but also before I left I was busy setting up the eCommerce part of my site. It’s called the Client Area and can be accessed from the main page.

It allows me to show particular people pictures that are only relevant to them, but it also allows visitors to buy prints. If you register for the Client Area (you don’t have to be a client to register) you’ll see more pictures and also more options.

If you’re familiar with the work on the main gallery pages of the site you’ll see more of it, but also in the Client Area there are colour (gasp!) pictures I’ve taken for more commercial purposes. Like this:

Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda. June 2006.

You can also run slide shows, and rate pictures, and… all manner of fun and games!