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Romantic Photographers

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Just back from a lovely Sunday afternoon wander around the Tate, or Tate Britain as I suppose I should call it. (I know… I’m an old curmudgeon…)

Enjoyed Fiona Banner’s aeroplanes – as one who has long appreciated the astounding beauty of such functional items as war-planes I’m very happy to see these shapes being brought to the attention of the art appreciating public. Though I did get told off by a vigilant warder for opening a hatch on the side of the Jaguar. I just wanted to see if it still worked.

Anyway, we had a look at the Romantics exhibition in the Turner gallery on the grounds that I love Blake and Eva wanted to do a little Sturm und Drang research. To my surprise we found, at the end of the exhibition, some photography.


Raymond Moore. “Galoway. 1980"

And so I was introduced to two British photographers I’d been hitherto unaware of: Raymond Moore and Keith Arnatt. It proved to be a highly inspiring few minutes spent in the company of their work, and whetted my appetite for seeing a lot more of it.

Keith Arnatt

Keith Arnatt “Untitled, A.O.N.B (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty)” 1982-4

So if you find yourself in the Tate make sure you go to the far end of the Romantics show and have a look.